What is photocatalysis?
Photocatalysis is the decomposition of organic matter using only light energy. This reaction can decompose hazardous bacteria, which endanger the human body, including formaldehyde, causing sick building syndrome, dioxin causing cancer, and Escherichia coli 0-157 causing food poisoning. Currently, photocatalysis-based technologies have attracted attention as a solution for environmental or energy issues.
Mechanism of photocatalysis
A catalyst (titanium dioxide) absorbs oxygen in the air through absorption of light and generates active oxygen, which will decompose organic matter (e.g. fouling, bacteria) into carbon dioxide and water.
Effects of photocatalysis
Antifouling Fouling attached to a wall or ceiling is automatically decomposed through photocatalysis by absorbing light energy. This will help to keep buildings clean and reduce cleaning costs.
Antibacterial In-hospital infection is a severe problem for medical institutions. Photocatalysis has a stronger antibacterial effect than conventional types of antibacterial agents.
Deodorizing Acetaldehyde that creates the smell of tobacco smoke is decomposed through photocatalysis. If improved air circulation is provided, a higher deodorizing effect is achieved. This product is best for public areas or smoking areas.
Elimination of hazardous materials Formaldehyde can cause the sick building syndrome and is also decomposed through photocatalysis. This product has been used by those who suffer from sick building syndrome.
Dr. Miracle
Amazing air fresher! Instant and lasting effect
Dr. Miracle instantly sterilizes and eliminates unpleasant odor due to tobacco or dust in any ill-ventilated space such as lower ground floor.
Dr. Miracle is also effective to prevention of in-hospital infection of influenza.
Effects of two-week continuous.
Dr. Miracle is safe for children / pets. The safe level is same as that of salt solution.
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